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Gavrilis Ioannou

General Manager

Gavrilis Ioannou is a motivated and enthusiastic individual who only seeks nothing but to improve and succeed at whatever he does. He is multi-lingual and make use of that to his full advantage to meet people all over the world and collaborate, share ideas, visions and thoughts. He obtains a masters degree in Structural Design and Construction Management from the University of Kingston in Surrey, England. Gavrilis has resided in the UAE since 1994 and have been in the engineering business for 6 years. He has the pleasure of working with prestige clients such as ADAC, ADNOC, Abu Dhabi Municipality, Abu Dhabi Distribution Corporation and more. Within his 6 years in construction, he started at Site Engineer to finally managing construction site in the last two years. He is aware that he has gained vast experience in different engineering services. During these years in construction, he has faced many hurdles of which has encouraged him to move into the innovative side of engineering so he can provide solutions to end users for a healthier, sustainable, economic and safe engineering world.

Rolv Flaaten


Rolv A. Flaaten started working within the Oil and Gas Industry in 1976, specializing in the service sector but moved on to be a consultant for companies such as Statoil and Saga Petroleum for many years in Norway. Moving to UAE in 1999, he has nearly 20 years of experience in the region including Kazakhstan and India. With his previous company X3M, a mechanical engineering company, he quickly learnt how to develop his business, deal with operators, secure contracts, and after some time he became very cautious of his actions - some may say he learnt the hard way. X3M was later sold to Aker Solutions. Taking his previous experience with him, he started SAMCO, a UAE based company licensed to act as a local partner for foreign companies and now hoping to the same for M3 Marine & Technology.

Marte Flaaten


Marte Flaaten moved to Abu Dhabi, UAE in 1999. Completed school there, as well as her university degree in a bachelor of law, at the Sorbonne University. Soon after graduation she started working with SAMCO, who facilitate business for foreign companies who want to work in UAE. Marte's role has mainly been business development but being part of a smaller company she has been involved in various roles within the company such as company registration, pre-qualification, contracts, HR and commercial. She has been with SAMCO and M3 Marine Technology from the very start and has contributed to the company’s growth and success. She is looking forward to developing M3 Marine Technology, like SAMCO.