We are very excited to announce that our partner Iraya Energies has been officially pre-qualified with ADNOC Group for Product Groups

January 10, 2021


Join us at our virtual booth in ADIPEC – Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference 2020

November 9, 2020

M3 Marine & Technology is very excited to announce its participation as an Exhibitor along

with its Principals Mind MeshION  and Aubin  in the upcoming ADIPEC Virtual Conference 2020.

The virtual platform will provide an unprecedented opportunity for global oil & gas companies to convene virtually to engage and identify the potential opportunities ahead of the energy sector that will unlock new value in an evolving energy landscape. ADIPEC Virtual Conference 2020 offers the opportunity to global industry leaders to assess the emerging shape of the oil and gas sector in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Industry leaders will discuss strategies for success as the long-term impact of the crisis is felt on supply and demand, the world economy, and the global energy transition.

M3 Marine & Technology and Iraya Energies Partnership.

October 26, 2020

M3 Marine & Technology welcomes its new partner Iraya Energies from Malaysia.

Iraya Energies is an independent supplier of next-generation technology that implements cross-functional solutions to improve efficiency in exploration and development in Oil & Gas and New Energy.

Iraya proudly offers its flagship product, a cloud-enabled web solution that organizes, structures, and accesses unstructured data. It simplifies the storage and delivery of earth information, such as seismic, well data with varied non-standardized formats, and other facility management documents into simple and easy to access forms. With a proven deployment track record in the energy industry, the aim is to extract new knowledge and insight from already existing data that was not previously captured and to break down tech silos that hinder collaboration.

Iraya Energies envisions its digitalization process as a pivot towards a sustainable energy future – powering the planet without ruining it.

Designed and Developed by MindMesh

Designed and developed by MindMesh, RiMo is built to support an intelligent engineering eco-system that improves engineering and business processes. Combined with MindMesh’s advanced product life cycle engineering expertise, RiMo helps you develop better products, improve in-service reliability, and accelerate time to market. RiMo is a platform akin to a Sherpa helping you move mountains across a range of business challenges. The platform creates critical revenue generating opportunities by consuming data, applying cutting-edge technologies to the data to derive intelligent insights, and transferring these capabilities to your existing system.

M3 is very happy to announce

M3 is very happy to announce that its services now cover also technical and management consultancy of Logistics, Drilling, Reservoir, Production and Chemical Engineering. Not only will this provide our new technology providers ability to work with our customers to build a robust approach to technology maturation from technology trial to field deployment, it also provides to the market an integrated suite of technical expertise that further reinforces M3 as a partner focusing on value added process and innovation.