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Lokring supplies the only cold weld for small bore pipe and tube. Lokring’s mechanical fittings use the elastic properties of its material to create a metal to metal seal that provides the same permanence and integrity as a properly done ASME coded butt weld.

All of Lokring’s fittings are ASME code qualified and certified by Lloyds and ABS amongst others.

Lokring is used across the Oil and Gas industry, both onshore and offshore, as well as in the nuclear, shipbuilding, chemical, automotive, defence and pharmaceutical industries, amongst others.

Invented in 1989 and manufactured in Cleveland Ohio, Lokring has 28 years of application history across the world. It has been used as a direct replacement for welding, providing the same permanent high integrity connection, but with a totally cold work permit process, avoiding hot work entirely. Whether it’s repair and maintenance or projects, Lokring can provide you with a safer working environment, considerable construction time savings, a rework rate in the field of one tenth of 1% and at a fraction of the cost of traditional welding and fabrication methods. Lokring has various materials including stainless steel (316/316L), Carbon Steel, NACE qualified 333 carbon steel and copper nickel.