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About M3 Marine & Technology

Get to know Us so We can get to know you

 M3 Marine Innovative Technology is a Norwegian-Emirati company established in Abu Dhabi, UAE in 2018 from the roots of an upstream oil and gas focused technology company, with the focus of providing solutions to broad sectors of the GCC and UAE economies in particular. As we are gaining more experience within different industries – we

can clearly see the potential in the Marine, Energy and Water sectors in UAE.

Given the potential presented, our goal is to bring new and innovative ideas and solutions to the current market challenges. M3 Marine Innovative Technology wishes to be a supportive partner for foreign companies who desire to do business in the UAE, all the while supporting our local clients with customized solutions to solve their problems, and always asking ourselves how we can add value.

The M3 team has many years of experience in UAE and the GCC countries, having worked on the side of the client, supplier and R&D. M3 also has access to a strong team of seasoned technical professionals. This offers a unique perspective of the market, its challenges and how to solve problems. We strive to stay up to date with market trends and take a leading role at international exhibitions, technology days, workshops, and conferences and by building trustworthy partnerships, we are enabled to introduce technology locally.

We are extremely proud of our accomplishments to date. From witnessing our partner companies grow and advancing, being part of bigger projects, to learning about new technology and trialing creative solutions. We believe in the endless opportunities in this region which we are only grateful to be able to take part of

3 Pillars 

When M3 Marine Innovative technology was created, we envisioned it would most of all stand for corporate substantiality – hence the number 3 in our trading name. As many of you may know, substantiality is comprised of three pillars:   We aim to consider the 3 pillars of sustainability in all aspects of our business, locally and globally– to our services, to our clients, and of course as a company as a whole.