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Iraya Energies 

Founded in 2016, Iraya Energies is an independent supplier of next-generation technology that implements cross-functional solutions to improve efficiency in exploration and development in Oil & Gas and New Energy. Employing a talented and experienced mix of data scientists, geoscientists and engineers, they specialize in machine learning in geoscience and engineering to enable easy access to earth data.

Elastic Docs Intuitive Knowledge Container, Iraya’s flagship product, is a cloud-enabled web solution that organizes, structures, and accesses unstructured data. It simplifies the storage and delivery of earth information, such as seismic, well data with varied non-standardized formats, and other facility management documents into simple and easy to access forms. With a proven deployment track record in the energy industry, the aim is to extract new knowledge and insight from already existing data that was not previously captured, and to break down tech silos that hinder collaboration.

Iraya Energies envisions their digitalization process as a pivot towards a sustainable energy future – powering the planet without ruining it.