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Our Partner Companies 

Lokring supplies the only cold weld for small bore pipe and tube. Lokring’s mechanical fittings use the elastic properties of its material to create a metal to metal seal that provides the same permanence and integrity as a properly done ASME coded butt weld.

All of Lokring’s fittings are ASME code qualified and certified by Lloyds and ABS amongst others.

Lokring is used across the Oil and Gas industry, both onshore and offshore, as well as in the nuclear, shipbuilding, chemical, automotive, defence and pharmaceutical industries, amongst others.

Invented in 1989 and manufactured in Cleveland Ohio, Lokring has 28 years of application history across the world. It has been used as a direct replacement for welding, providing the same permanent high integrity connection, but with a totally cold work permit process, avoiding hot work entirely. Whether it’s repair and maintenance or projects, Lokring can provide you with a safer working environment, considerable construction time savings, a rework rate in the field of one tenth of 1% and at a fraction of the cost of traditional welding and fabrication methods. Lokring has various materials including stainless steel (316/316L), Carbon Steel, NACE qualified 333 carbon steel and copper nickel.

FuelSpec catalysts are liquid fuel additives, which, when added to fuels, improve combustion. FuelSpec products provide fuel-savings, emission-reductions, reduced combustion equipment operating-and-maintenance costs, improved lubricity and corrosion-inhibition benefits. The technology works effectively on liquid fuels ranging from light or distillate fuels (such as ultra-low sulfur diesel for over-the-road use), to heavy or residual fuels (such as furnace oil, fuel oil and heavy fuel oil). It works effectively on combustion equipment including engines, boilers & heaters and gas (combustion) turbines.

FuelSpec is suitable for application in the merchant shipping, power-generation, water desalination, transportation (on-road, off-road and mining) and railroad industries. It is an optimal solution for large industrial and commercial users of fuel, who own or operate combustion equipment, and includes government and defense customers. The FuelSpec technology is patented worldwide and registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency. It is benign to all life-forms, safe for the environment, and safe for use on equipment. It stores easily, is safe to be sent via air-freight, and deployment of the technology in large installations is economical and trouble-free. 

GDi Engineering Services provide a wide range of services spanning multiple industries. A diverse

portfolio ranging from ship building, oil and gas, water and wastewater through to land surveying and

real estate survey, we provide fit for purpose solutions tailored to our client’s requirements and can be

made to fit any budget and schedule by utilizing latest technology to streamline workflows and

increase uptime

We use the latest laser scanning equipment which permits high-precision 3D measurement and

imaging. The devices are used for inspecting components and assemblies, production planning,

documenting large volume spaces or structures in 3D. The 3D measurement technology allows GDi to

maximize efficiencies and improve processes.

Ranging from small operational improvements to major engineering and construction projects, GDi can

tailor the service to our client’s needs from conception through to completion. Our integrated system

provides everything you need to guarantee safe and efficient change out of replacement pipe spools,

supports, structural items and much more. 

Marine Aluminum AS is an internationally recognized supplier of innovative and sustainable access solutions. Since 1953, Marine Aluminum has been designing, manufacturing and supplying in aluminum to satisfied offshore, marine and onshore clients. 

Our products include:  

  • Telescopic gangways
  • Helidecks
  • Handrail & Walkway system
  • FlexiBarrier• Stair Towers
  • Elevator Shafts• Modules
  • Friction Stir Welded Panels 


UPTIME Telescopic Gang- ways are the market leading products for safe and efficient transfers of manpower between fixed and floating installations. 


Telescopic Gangways bridge the gap between fixed and floating installations or between two floating installations or vessels. The main purpose is personnel access, but they can also support a wide range of utility transfer lines, such as fuel, water, compressed air or power/ LAN/fibre and cargotransfer. 


Uptime Telescopic Gangways are favoured by offshore clients for several reasons; connecting time, efficiency and safety being the most important. 


All Uptime Telescopic Gangways can be designed and custom-made according to client requirements. All Gangways will be approved by the major class societies. 

ION has been a technology leader for over 50 years with a strong

history of innovation.  ION has well-established expertise in optimizing

offshore operations through the delivery of software solutions and associated

consultancy services.

Marlin is the only commercially available marine intelligence platform that

combines temporal project planning with 3D situational awareness, analysing and

predicting operations using multiple real-time information sources like AIS,

GIS and MetOcean data. Planned operations are combined with this live

positioning data to flag potential conflicts based on operational objectives

and HSE policies.  This continuous assessment of operations reduces risks

to safety and to cost management, minimizing vessel and crew downtime due to

scheduling conflicts.

Marlin key benefits include:

•       Safety through improved communication

•       Security through real-time theatre


•       Efficiency through closer coordination

and reduced downtime